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Welcome to Harbor!

Where web3 IPs dock and play.

Harbor is an ecosystem of web3 cross-IP games which emulate unique experiences with crypto economic layer.

Harbor brings web3 IPs to life in a multiverse of cross-platform games. As more of these IPs emerge and grow, so does the Harbor!

Harbor games are free-to-play, but enables unique social and financial experiences for NFT holders within the ecosystem.

A cross-platform ecosystem of full scale, interoperable games with web3 IPs at the heart!

New frontiers of web3 gaming

Harbor is not applying old methods to new problems. We are building at the edge of the web3 problem space.

Emergence of web3 IPs

New forms of community formation, entertainment delivery, and copyright models which are a unique fit for cross-IP games are still relatively untapped.

The collaborative paradigm

A standard authentication layer and single-sign on enables greatly increased ability for gaming communities to collaborate through token-gating.

Unique player archetypes

Players comprise a new player class which engages deeply with elements of competition, speculation, value accrual, and memes. Players often have high-risk tolerance and high LTVs.

Exploring the new stories!

Creative commons licence (cc0) makes IP accessible! The artwork is placed in the public domain, so it can be used freely by anybody. Factions are the creative building blocks of Harbor! Original NFT owners receive special perks, revenue streams, token-gated experience, high risk game modes, and social reputation.

Our Games


Genre: Open IP CCG arena battler

Status: Prototype


Game summary

What The Fork! is a battle arena adventure utilising the most well-known web3-IPs and NFT collections as in-game collectible factions. Strategy and counter-play is the key! Each character has an energy cost, class, target preference and AI pattern. There are a variety of attributes like speed, range, skills, and commons which enable unlimited competitive styles.


Genre: Town builder, production puzzle

Status: Soft-launch

KPIs: D1 33%


Game summary

Leena’s Place is a story-driven town builder centered around social co-op. Leena returns home and becomes mayor of her small town with the vision of rebuilding it into a modern, lively abode for her friends and family. Expand your town, collaborate with other players, and transform sleepy countryside village into modern family town!


Genre: Team RPG, CCG

Status: MVP

KPIs: D1 28%


Game summary

Loyalty is a team RPG game set in a city torn by the crime. Player take a role of a young associate and with a goal of taking over businesses and becoming the undisputed boss of the underground. Kick up your own gang and run your family’s crime activities. Choose your mobster and lead them against the fierce competition in the Mafia Town.

More games to come!

Our vision - full interoperability

Unified 3D art style

Modular tech architecture


Gameplay video

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